Overview of this safeguarding standard

The National Office for Professional Standards, on behalf of the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand wants everyone to know that we take the prevention of harm or abuse within our communities as well as the reporting of instances of harm or abuse very seriously.

The gospel values of love, dignity and justice demonstrated by Jesus remind us that the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is an integral part of the life and ministry of the Church.

Safeguarding is promoting an environment within all of our faith communities which respects and acknowledges the dignity of everyone, and where people feel valued and safe.

An important aspect of safeguarding is responding to concerns of harm or abuse.  For more information about the Church’s process for responding to complaints of harm or abuse, visit our page on Responding to Complaints & Concerns. To report abuse, visit our Report Abuse page.



What is this standard about?

Read what can happen to show that this standard is being met.


Diocesan Safeguarding Officers

Click here for the contact details of the Safeguarding Officer in each diocese.


Māori - NOPS Contact Poster


Tongan - NOPS Contact Poster


Safeguarding Structure

This document gives a visual depiction of the groups involved in safeguarding throughout the Church, and the lines of accountability.

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