The National Office for Professional Standards ensures a secure and supportive atmosphere in which those who have suffered abuse can disclose this to a trusted person in the expectation of receiving a sensitive, caring and compassionate response and to be supported in their continued healing.

Every matter of concern and every allegation that is raised with us undergoes appropriate investigation and is handled with strict confidentiality and utmost integrity. It is important too, that appropriate action results from the findings of an investigation and that all those affected are acknowledged and responded to with respect and compassion.

Te Houhanga Rongo – A Path to Healing describes the supporting framework relating to complaints of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by members of the clergy and members of religious congregations.


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Privacy Policy

This policy governs the management of personal information handling in the National Office for Professional Standards


Reporting abuse to National Office for Professional Standards

This document explains what happens when initial contact is made to this office about a complaint of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct involving a member of the clergy or a religious order within the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Te Houhanga Rongo - A Path To Healing

This is the Church's protocol for responding to complaints of sexual abuse against clergy or religious.  This is a living document and will be regularly updated to ensure the protocol reflects best practice.  The current version is Edition February 2020 (this reference can be found at the bottom of the cover page).