Overview of this safeguarding standard

A key behaviour that supports safe practices for ourselves and others is always to look at what we are doing, or planning to do, through a safeguarding lens. This means carrying out tasks that avoid all risk of harm or abuse and that show respect and compassion for all.

These documents will be helpful in your planning and in your general awareness of safe practices.



What is this standard about?

Read what can happen to show that this standard is being met.


Code of Conduct

A code of conduct must apply to all who act on behalf of the church, either as employees or volunteers.


Initial Procedure for Managing Allegations


National Safeguarding Guidelines

These Guidelines were promulgated by the New Zealand Bishops’ Conference (NZCBC) and Congregational Leaders Conference Aotearoa New Zealand (CLCANZ) and apply to all dioceses, religious congregations and Catholic organisations throughout the country. 


Photography, video, digital images

Protocols regarding the use of personal images

Media Consent Form


Process for Volunteers


Safeguarding Policy

This is the overarching policy for all dioceses, religious orders and Catholic organisations.  It sets the expectations for promoting an environment which respects and acknowledges the dignity of all and where people feel valued and safe.  All Catholic entities are expected to adopt this policy.


Safety Checking and Police Vetting


Standards for Creating and Maintaining a Safeguarding Culture

These standards are designed to ensure best practice in all aspects of safeguarding.  All dioceses, religious orders and Catholic organisations will be audited against these Safeguarding Culture Standards.

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