Overview of this safeguarding standard.

The National Office for Professional Standards provides opportunities for training in safeguarding practices of volunteers and employees within the Catholic Church that are specific to the roles carried out in the work of the Church. There is an expectation that all volunteers and employees will undergo trainings at the appropriate level.

Included here is ‘Integrity in Ministry’ which contains principles and standards expected of those in Church ministry. This document is intended for Catholic clergy and religious due to the leadership and trust that they hold within the community.

This set of documents also includes a policy for guidance in safe recruitment, a basic code of conduct, a volunteer agreement that incorporates an opportunity for basic induction and other documents to assist with formation and training.




What is this standard about?

Read what can happen to show that this standard is being met. 

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct must apply to all who act on behalf of the church, either as employees or volunteers.

Referee Response Form

Integrity in Ministry

This document sets out the official guidelines on professional standards for clergy and religious congregations.

Processes for Volunteers

Safeguarding Course (SCCANZ) FAQ

Safeguarding in the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand is an indepth online course to meet the needs of Level 1 training under the National Safeguarding Guidelines. These FAQs may answer some questions about it.

Safeguarding Course (SCCANZ) Information

Read here for an overview of the course Safeguarding in the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand (SCCANZ)

Safety Checking and Police Vetting Practices

Volunteer Agreement

Workshop Training Feedback Form

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